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by Larry Canale |

Ozzie Sweet had such a distinctive style that, after looking at just a few examples of his cover photographs, you can start to pick them out. But not always. In late 1951 in his Connecticut studio, he was photographing a model for a smiling, happy photograph earmarked for one of his romance magazine clients.

After wrapping up the session, the model prepared to depart, putting on a cloak she brought and pulling the hood over her head. Ozzie suddenly saw a different kind of photograph than the ones he had just created and asked her to stick around for a few more minutes. He switched to an all-black backdrop and had the model give him a profile pose. The result was a striking avant-garde-type photograph unlike anything else you'll find in Ozzie's archive. And instead of selling it to a romance mag, he pitched it to Camera Magazine, whose editors snatched it up for their February 1952 issue. 


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