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by Jared Gendron |

When we first partnered with the Sweet estate and began our great discussions and dialogs with Diane and Larry, one theme always seemed to come back to center: Ozzie's main mission for his work was to make people smile. He was the eternal optimist, spreading that feeling and message through his vast portfolio of work over 6 decades.

One fascinating aspect of the archive is that Diane has so many of Ozzie's trusted cameras, props and devices still in her possession. These trusty items give us an extended look into Ozzie's process. One of the most intriguing is his self-designed "semi-sub" - a contraption he built to capture images underwater. When we lugged the sub, a sea-foam green beast of welded steel and glass weighing in at 100 plus lbs. easily, back to our office and cleaned it up to be documented, we realized that Ozzie was still directing. On the inside lid, in bold blue paint there appeared a simple yet powerful command and the mantra that Ozz lived and worked by: "SMILE."

- Trevor Gendron, House of Roulx